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4210 E Morgan Ave, Evansville IN 47715
Mon-Fri 8 AM to 6 PM, Sat 10 AM to 2 PM


I have relied on PCQuest , for several years, to keep the computers at Fetter Properties Management, Inc. running smoothly but, on Thursday morning, 01/23/14, we were all greatly tested. When I couldn't get in my computer I noticed a strange username on it. I asked others in the office but no one had been in my computer. Since none of us could log on to the server I called PCQuest. Mark Miller, President of the company, came immediately and, after some diagnosis, he told us that our server had been invaded by a hacker located in Moscow. The hacker left our computer system so full of viruses & malware that it literally took days to get it back in operation. Mark stayed with us diligently, even giving up his family time on a week-end to get us operational. By Monday morning we were back in operation again. I would hate to think what we would have done if it hadn't been for Mark and his staff at PCQuest. Thank you Mark. Monte Fetter, President

Christian, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your pleasant assistance today while you gently guided me through my Windows 8 system. Had you been instrumental in designing the Windows 8 system, Microsoft would now have about a million more satisfied customers. As it is now, they have anger about being ripped from their beloved Windows 7 operating systems. Let me assure you, PC Quest has now acquired a lifetime customer. I will also spread the word about PC Quest should be the first place to shop in the tri-state for personalized computer services/advice. I promise you haven't seen the last of me. Regards. Doug

Even if I am a 1 (in regards to the competence of the tech) then Michael has to be a 12 on a scale of 5! And I wouldn't consider doing business with anyone else. Ron

Love Andy & Justin, and PC Quest as a whole. PC Quest is "the only computer place in town that is kind to their customers". Dennis

I appreciate good service; when people react with urgency it really impresses me. Marc

When asked "Was the technician helpful, friendly, and courteous?" She answered with a "Seven!", then laughed and said "Five". She said everyone was very helpful and she was grateful for their service. When asked if she was likely to recommend us, she said "I have been telling everyone." Margie

Justin was funny and helpful. Pam said she is grateful for his help, and is wishing him to come back and help her with some other things. She had a blast and appreciates a technician who can take a joke and isn't a stick in the mud. Pam at Dave's Body Shop

I will always come to PC Quest for any service or parts. Your fees are very reasonable and you have always done things in a timely manner for him. Loyal customer! Jerry

Appreciated the work and it was done quicker than expected. Rick